car theft in kitchener has led many kitchener locals worried about their car's security

In recent years, car theft has become a pressing concern for many Canadians. In 2022 alone, approximately 78,000 vehicles were reported stolen across Canada, marking a significant increase from previous years. Whether it be motor vehicle theft, or breaking and entering to steal valuables, there is no denying that vehicle-related crimes are prevalent across Canada. Home security systems are known for safeguarding residences from breaking and entering, burglary, and other crimes, but does that protection extend to your vehicles? In this article, we’ll dive into national trends on car theft and uncover home security’s effect on car-related crimes. 

Uncovering Car Theft In Kitchener

Canada, and particularly Ontario, faces a significant challenge with vehicle theft. Ontario consistently reports the highest number of vehicle thefts in the country. In 2022, there were approximately 26,000 incidents of vehicle theft in Ontario alone.

Furthermore, according to Statistics Canada, there were around 170,000 reported incidents of theft from motor vehicles in 2022. These incidents involve breaking and entering vehicles to steal contents such as electronics, personal belongings, and car parts. Kitchener, being a significant urban area, is one of the many Canadian cities to contribute to these growing trends. 

Theft from vehicles often spikes during nighttime and in poorly lit or less monitored areas. Criminals target hotspots such as residential neighbourhoods with street parking, commercial parking lots, and high-traffic areas like shopping malls and entertainment districts. Typically car theft and theft from vehicles increase during holiday seasons, as people will often leave valuables in their cars. 

Can Home Security Protect You From Car Theft In Kitchener

Generally, car break-ins are more common than home break-ins for several reasons. For one, home break-ins are significantly higher risk than car break-ins. Comparatively, car break-ins are faster to scope. At a first glance, one can tell whether a vehicle is occupied, though this can be impacted by blackout car windows. This is much harder for a residence as most criminals will only be able to make a solid guess as to whether there is anyone in the home. Furthermore, car theft or car break-ins are able to be executed faster than the same or similar crimes in a home. Criminals expect a home to have active security measures, such as security cameras, which cars are less likely to have. This makes cars particularly vulnerable.

Can Home Security Systems Impact Car Theft In Kitchener? 

Can home security systems genuinely help in reducing the risk of car theft and break-ins? The short answer is yes, visible security measures significantly deter criminals as their chances of getting caught and identified increase. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) notes that vehicles parked in well-secured properties with good lighting, security cameras, or inside garages have a much lower chance of being stolen or broken into. 

Can Home Security Protect You From Car Theft In Kitchener

Residences with garages are very easy to equip with active security measures like cameras, alarms, and even access control. Here at JR Security Solutions, we go beyond just installing equipment; we assess your property to identify potential blind spots and address them accordingly. Even without a garage, JR Security can plan out camera placement which ensures your driveway is in view of your outdoor cameras, notifying you of any unexpected activity around your car. 

Not only will professionals like JR simplify the process, but they’ll also use high-quality professional-grade security equipment not available in the consumer market. These cameras will show significant differences in image quality, remote accessibility, notifications, and other features. All of these features are vital in being alerted to criminal activity and identifying criminals and suspicious vehicles. Contact JR Security today to get started on your personalized security plan. 

Other Preventative Measure For Car Theft

Can Home Security Protect You From Car Theft In Kitchener

Outside of home security measures, what are other ways that you can prevent car theft or car break-ins? This is especially prevalent for individuals who use street parking or public parking often. There’s several easy tactics one can use to deter criminals from breaking in or stealing your car. 

  • Always locking your vehicle and keeping windows rolled up: Criminals thrive when they can commit crimes inconspicuously. If a criminal can simply open the door to your car without so much as an alarm, that makes your car as vulnerable as can be. The same goes for windows. A criminal can easily reach in and grab a high-value item, such as a phone, from your car. This is especially attractive to criminals as they won’t need to worry about making loud noises, such as a car window breaking, in order to commit the crime. 
  • Not leaving valuables visible inside the vehicle: Visible valuables make you a target in the eyes of criminals. Concealing valuables will help your vehicle stay out of potential thieves’ radar, reducing the chances of being broken into. 
  • Installing car alarms and using steering wheel locks: Alarms help catch the attention of neighbours and other passerby, which is likely to deter criminals from continuing with their crime. Steering wheel locks will also prevent criminals from being able to drive off with your car. 
  • Parking in well-lit areas whenever possible: The more visible your vehicle is, the more high-risk stealing or taking it is. Again, an easy tactic to deter criminals from acting. 

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle in Kitchener, combining solid home security measures with smart car practices can make a big difference. While car theft and break-ins are prevalent issues, the presence of visible security systems, well-lit properties, and active surveillance can significantly deter potential criminals. By investing in a robust security setup, whether it’s through professional services like JR Security Solutions or implementing simple yet effective practices like keeping your vehicle locked and valuables hidden, you can greatly reduce your risk of being targeted. Remember, proactive steps today can save you a lot of trouble and stress in the future. Stay safe and keep your property secure!


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