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In the evolving landscape of home security, the importance of robust surveillance cannot be overstated. As homeowners seek to protect their residences against intruders and monitor activities remotely, home security cameras have become fundamental tools. This article will delve into three of our favourite home security cameras, covering the full spectrum of uses and preferences. 

Why You Need Home Security System Cameras

Home security system cameras are built to strengthen the safety of your property, and they achieve this in multiple ways. Firstly, home security cameras act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Burglars will think twice about attempting a break-in if they notice the home has installed a home security camera system. Additionally, some security cameras are capable of monitoring your property in real-time. Whether you’re stuck at work, on a coffee run, or away on vacation, you can use your smartphone to observe your property from anywhere in the world.

Moreover, a home security camera can capture critical footage that can help law enforcement identify and track down culprits. Home security camera systems contribute significantly to peace of mind, especially for those who spend a lot of time away from home or live in areas prone to theft and vandalism. 

The Problem With Consumer-Grade Security Cameras

When one thinks of home security, they may often picture the types of security cameras you can easily find and purchase on Amazon or with other retailers. What people don’t know is that the top-of-the-line security cameras are not so easily-accessible, and are distributed by a verified dealer. These cameras, as a result of their higher quality, will require more technical prowess to install and function effectively. Rather than a quick click of the “buy now” button, Security companies will have to obtain authorization to carry, sell and buy a brand’s security camera products.

The reason for this process is to verify that the security cameras will receive fool-proof professional installation. These dealers will also provide extensive warranties and technical support as a result. Not only does this make these cameras more reliable than consumer-grade, it also provides a higher quality experience for users. That’s why we advise you to work with a registered dealer (such as JR) for the best home security system cameras. 

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The 3 Best Home Security System Camera Brands

Now that we’ve discussed the value of home security system cameras, we can dive into the brands themselves. Choosing the right security camera solution can be crucial to ensuring comprehensive coverage and functionality of your home security system. At JR Security Solutions, we ensure that all the cameras we use are NDAA Compliant. Here are three brands that we go to for the best home security system cameras. 


Uniview is a popular choice for security cameras with high-quality day and night footage that can work for both residential and/or commercial uses. They provide a standard security experience while giving users the chance to dig deeper and explore their more innovative features. Their combination of high-definition video, advanced image processing, remote accessibility, and rugged design makes them suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Along with selling cameras, they also sell a wide range of accessories that can help with installation options, obscuring the appearance of wiring, and maintaining secure camera placement. 

If you want to browse your options, Uniview has an expansive selection of security cameras on the market. With Uniview’s wide range of products, you can trust that there’ll be something that works for you and your home. Our team at JR Security Solutions are experienced in mapping out a customized security plan that accommodates your specific needs and budget. offers a range of security cameras tailored to various needs and preferences.’s cameras are best known for high-quality video, remote accessibility, and versatile installation options. As with every security company on our list, makes professional-grade products that they only distribute to registered dealers. Their products are higher quality than consumer-grade and, as a result of its limited distribution, has comprehensive warranty coverage and technical support.

What’s more is that it allows seamless integration with the platform. Their app acts as your home’s command center, allowing you to completely monitor and control your home. Their system can be integrated to control your home’s lighting, temperature, and more. 

Additionally, they offer an impressive range of features for home automation and home management. Their system is designed to notify you of any activity you need to know about, whether that be major occurrences like a break-in, or even the opening of a cabinet door. It depends on the functionality the user requires. Thanks to their dedicated cellular connection and cloud-based storage, their cameras do not need a cable line to function efficiently. This can make the cameras more secure as potential intruders will not be able to cut off coverage by severing any wiring.

Although has a lot to offer in terms of an all-in-one security solution, you may face challenges if you choose to mix their products and services with other brands. Their app will only support products, and their products will have trouble functioning with other security apps. 

Turing AI

Overall, Turing AI sells standard, functional security system cameras. That being said, Turing AI’s software is where they really shine. True to its name, they use an intensive AI system for enhanced detection. This system has built-in facial recognition, people detection, vehicle detection, license plate detection, and intrusion detection, which can be utilized to pinpoint a person and/or vehicle of interest. The system will then generate notifications when these persons and/or vehicles of interest enter the camera’s view. 

When it comes down to business, we recommend these cameras in niche cases. Other brands like Uniview and can effectively get the job done, but Turing AI is optimal when it comes to very specific security needs that will benefit from their AI software. 

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Find The Best Home Security System Cameras with JR Security Solutions

Building an extensive home security system can be a challenge. If you’re not a registered dealer, you won’t have access to the best-performing cameras, and will miss out on a plethora of the industry’s most innovative security software. Designing and setting up a home security system requires technical knowledge of various components including cameras, sensors, alarms, and recording devices. Understanding how these components work together and configuring them properly can be daunting for individuals without a background in security or electronics. Not to mention navigating compatibility issues and customization needs, which can be even more stressful to work around as a newcomer. 

This is where security installation companies like JR Security Solutions come in. We have a team of experienced security professionals creating and installing customized security systems all across Waterloo region. We are registered dealers for a range of security product brands, and can give you access to higher quality products you won’t find anywhere else. Companies like us make protecting your home simple, and teach you how to manage your brand new security system along the way. 

Contact us today for a free consultation and let our experts create your personalized security solution. From a complete CCTV system to comprehensive home access control, protect your home with a security system that’s tailored to your needs and budget.


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